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Frequently Asked Questions

Required materials

If you want to get a quote for your rendering, please provide us with the materials listed below and describe your project.


  • We need a set of drawings that include floor plans, elevations, roof plan. If you have any requirements for the site where the building is, in this case, we need a site plan. We accept all versions of the following programs: Revit, Auto Cad, Sketchup, PDF, or JPEG files. Feel free to send us what you have.
  • The finish schedule or just material samples, like a photo or link to the roofing material, a sample of the brick or siding board, and all other finishes.


  • We’ll need all the drawings, such as the floorplans, interior elevations, and furniture plans. We accept CAD, Sketchup, 3ds Max, and Revit files. The PDF or JPEG drawings and dimensioned sketches are acceptable to us.
  • The furniture schedule will be required, or as an alternative, you can send us all links to the new furniture products you use in your design project.

If you have something else that might help us to understand your project, please send it over to us. It could be a render that you like, photos of the premises or project site, mood boards, or slides from your design presentation. The more information about the project we get, the better.

Our advice

  • Please look through all the paragraphs of the «workflow» page. Contact us to discuss our work procedure if some of your questions remain unanswered.
  • Send the drawings that correctly display your project at the very beginning of our work. The detailed information about your design reduces the number of clarifying questions on our part and accelerates our work.

Payment terms

  • We require a 50% prepayment at the beginning of our work on your project. We send you another 50% payment request right after you get a pre-final rendering that takes into account all the previous corrections and comments we receive from you during our work. Please tell us about ALL your comments and corrections once you spotted the mistake, it will help you to avoid any unforeseen fees. Updating during the 3 revisions is free. Updating after you get the final version of the rendering may lead to additional fees.

Turnaround time

  • We are usually striving to send the final renderings to our clients within 5-8 business days after the commencement of work. To estimate the turnaround time and cost of your project, please send us the drawings listed in the tab "Required materials".