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Our Workflow
Before starting your project, please have a look
through the drafts & adjustments page.

1st stage. Getting Up

We’re figuring out what kind of 3d visuals do you need, and what are your requirements. To answer these questions, we need you to send us the files of your project. Please visit the FAQ section on our website to review the list of materials we require to estimate the price and turnaround time of your project.

2nd stage. Checking Up

At this phase, we are reviewing the materials you sent, asking the clarifying questions, and telling you the turnaround time. If you sent all the files and drawings we need, we start your project immediately after you accept our offer.

3rd stage.
Prepayment & performing

All detail of your project agreed. All answers to our clarifying questions are already received. At this phase, we are requesting the first half of the cost of your project. The process of creating your 3D visuals is already underway.

4th stage. Reviewing

At this stage, we show you the drafts of your project and get your adjustments and feedback about them. Let us know if you want to make some changes to your 3D renderings. Click below to read about all stages of our work and see the information about editing your project.

drafts & adjustments

5th stage. Performing

Now we have the list of your comments and adjustments. We’re back to work on your project and update it accordingly to your edits. Usually, we need 2 days to send you an updated rendering or animation. You may ask us about editing your interior or exterior 3D rendering during the 3 revisions.

6th stage.
Accepting pre-final image

We’ll send you a PRE-FINAL IMAGE, all your previous adjustments fixed in this picture. It remains for us to make sure that the result you got is in full compliance with your requirements and expectations if so, we’ll go to the next stage. Let us know if you still have any adjustments or comments on the finishes, shape, light, or appearance of your interior and exterior renderings.

7th stage. Payment

At this phase, we are requesting the second half of the cost of your project. Once we confirmed the status of your payment, we go to the next step.

8th stage.
Final high-quality image

We are sending you the high-resolution final renderings. The final image or animation has already taken into account your comments and adjustments we received during the previous revisions. This is the end of our common work on your project. Thank you.