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3D Exterior Rendering

Our 3D artists are ready to turn your Architectural ideas into beautiful works of art.

Project Types

When it comes to exterior 3D renderings, the projects that most often come to mind are private homes or apartment complexes. However, 3D rendering can bring the design of many more projects to the client, whether a small amenity or a large public complex. You will see projects of all these types in our portfolio.

Private homes
Apartment buildings
Commercial Property
Public buildings
Recreational Clubs
Landscaping & Amenities

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Types of Exterior Renderings

Ground view Renderings

This is the most common rendering type, showing your building from the most familiar viewpoint. This is what the building will look like in the eyes of people passing by. 

Bird’s-eye view Rendering

It is used when you want to see the area of the whole project you are working on. It is also ideal when you must show the environment surrounding your buildings. 

3D Floor plan

It is a better visual representation of a floor plan, a great tool when you want to show the scale of the rooms and how they relate to each other. 

3D Architectural Animation

Video will show your building from different angles and heights, including remarkable surroundings. It can be a 3D combined with drone video or full 3D. 

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Renderings are your tool for discovering ideas

The price includes 3 revision rounds, which you can use in design communication with your client. Changing design, adjusting finishes, and revising lighting will help you find the perfect design for your client.

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Frequently asked questions

Who needs 3D rendering services?

3D visualizations are used by interior designers, architects, and real estate developers to present their projects. 

But if you are neither, but you have an idea of what you need to create, we would love to help turn your project into reality.

What do you mean by photorealistic?

By photorealistic 3D visualizations, we mean that you will see images that are similar to photos. You'll see how the finishing materials and other items you have chosen will look in natural lighting.

What is 3D animation?

3D animation is a short video (the length of which you can choose at your discretion) for your project. It helps you to experience the space more extensively. 

Suitable for all types of projects - private exteriors and interiors, commercial projects.

What is 3D virtual tour?

A 3D virtual tour consists of many combined 360-degree panoramic rotating images. It helps to visualize a space consisting of several rooms—like a multi-room apartment, for example.

What file formats do you need for work?

Any information you have about the project will help us. The more materials you send, the better. It can be rough sketches, mudboards, or photos of rooms.If we are talking about the complete list of files (ideally) to work with, it is:- drawings - CAD, pdf- 3D model - skp, fbx, obj (optional)- list of selected finishing materials- list of furniture and lighting (for interior projects)

Can our companies become partners?

Sure, we are ready for any kind of cooperation. 

Feel free to contact us with any proposal you may have.

Where are you located?

Our offices are located in Delaware, USA, and London, UK. 

However, you don’t need to go to our office to start working with us, as we mainly operate as an outsource studio. All you need to do is message us on chat or fill out the form on our website.

What is 3D virtual tour?

Our studio can take on some urgent projects. In this case, we will add 20-35% of the total cost to the order.